Janet Gwen MacBook Case

It is quite obvious that I am on my laptop more than the average bear with grad school and my freelance job. So that’s why I consider a laptop case as an office supply to make work more fun. However, I like to buy things that are good quality.  When I had to make an emergency purchase for a new laptop because it was dying, I was so disappointed in the cases that were at the Apple Store. Not only were there no patterns available, but the quality of the cases available were not compariable to my old one. I bought a clear speck case to at least give protection. Fast forward a year and not only did the bottom break, but the top did too.


Upset by the options that were available at Best Buy and Apple, I opted to look for options on Etsy. One of the first cases that I found on Etsy was created by Janet Gwen Designs. I looked at other options, but I knew I had found my case. Of course, I looked through reviews, but I swear Janet’s products are just so beautiful. After I placed my order, I received a message from her store asking for my model number to make sure the case fit my MacBook.  Around four short days later, I recieved the package. I was so impressed by Janet’s crew because I had a hand written thank you note. It was really sweet and it added an extra touch. However, I decided to give myself a week to review the product.

The first thing I noticed beside the cute design, was the case was really sturdy and it was thick. However, at first it was a challenge to put on the bottom. I think all cases are like that. Just remember for the top and bottom to put the part closest to the hinge on first to make sure it snaps on securely. It stays on there quite well. I chose the option for the keyboard cover, but after  using it, it felt weird. That’s just my own personal opinion. I’m going to use the cover when I have a latte and food at my computer to prevent a disaster. Two dollars for a keyboard cover is pretty good.

The bottom of the case is gold and the edges around the top are gold. My case and keyboard cover costs around $68 without shipping. That’s about $20 more than the keyboard cases out there. However, I think the pricing is fair because Janet hand paints all of the cases along with owning her small business. I know that in the future, I will own a marble iPad case.

There’s countless ways you can personalize the case you can get gold corners, a cut out for the Apple Logo and even monograms. I was impressed by the black marble collection too. Janet Huang’s art abilities are just amazing. However, my case is really good quality and if it lasts at least two years, I will be excited.  You can also check out Janet’s Website, which is fairly new and you can purchase her items on it too. Overall I give it 5 stars. I’m just happy that I have a cute case to look at while working.


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