Dawes, a modern day classic rock band

I would have never imagined in my life that I would say my all-time favorite band rhymes with my last name until I heard Dawes’ song “A Little Bit of Everything” driving through Mississippi State’s campus. Sometimes, I will use it as a description as how to spell my last name. I still feel that love for this band this week as their album “We’re All Gonna Die” is going to  be released. “Roll with the punches” seriously reminds me of Crosby, Stills and Nash in the chorus, but the rest of the song is like a good classic rock song.  When I heard NPR was premiering the album, I was the happiest person on earth. Also I’m not afraid to say I listened to songs from that album for literally the next 5 hours for work. Personally, this album was much more upbeat than their previous album “All Your Favorite Bands.”

Retrieved from Consequence of Sound

Retrieved from Consequence of Sound

The guitar intro to “One of Us,” just had me dancing in chair. However, I realized the song could have possibly been written for the love interest of the frontman Taylor Goldsmith, Mandy Moore. Yes, I’m referring to Lana on The Princess Diaries. She even makes an appearance in the music video for “When The Tequila Runs Out.” I love listening to music on planes, however, “We’re All Gonna Die” is not going to make the cut for my next playlist while flying because of the song’s meaning. I just hope that my Pilates teacher plays this album on repeat.
My biggest fear for this album is that some rapper will sample “When The Tequila Runs Out” or Luke Bryan  covers it. It’s just that good and I don’t want to see it destroyed. While on a road trip my brother and I mentioned how we could see The Eagles writing a song like this about a house party with the riff and the lyrics that gets everyone singing with the exception of mentioning Thriller. Sadly, I am long overdue for a Dawes concert, but I must say I proudly have the set list from a concert. “Roll Tide” sounds like a song bars in college towns will play on game day weekends when they play the University of Alabama. SEC schools need to take note on this one with the lyrics, “You better tell him best of luck man, Roll Tide.” It is about a guy stating his affection to a girl and wishing she wasn’t with her man from Birmingham. See it’s a good opposition song.

I have always loved Taylor Goldsmith’s songwriting abilities. It’s like a poet or a true storyteller that my generation has been lacking in the midst of the literature my generation has with Twilight and The 50 Shades of Gray series. Taylor’s brother Griff also known “Young Santa” plays drums and he often dances on a video series called #BeatsOnInstagram. Former keyboardist Tay Strathairn left the band and was replaced by Lee Pardini. However, the piano in this album is the most intriguing in “As If By Design,” which makes you want to go to a beach to read Hemingway. To me this is the most musically talented album by the band.

In a few days, on September 16 it will be released. I’ve pre-ordered the album on August 17, when it came out. If you don’t buy the album, which I’m begging you too. Just listen to them on Spotify, if it’s released on Amazon Prime add it to your library and buy concert tickets to see them.

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