Knock Knock Podcast Review


knock knock

On a side note: It’s obvious that I’m not the biggest influencer. the last time I blogged it was when Christmas trees were everywhere. I’m for sure when you step into a mall in two weeks a Christmas tree will be out. However, I have had a lot happen in the last year including finishing my master’s degree and recently I moved to Nashville. However, I want to write more about the stuff I have been eating, watching, and just what I enjoy. Plus, I want to get the word out about this podcast so hopefully, it will bring answers.

When I began my final semester of graduate school, I saw a Facebook post about Knock Knock podcast, which over the Labor Day murders in Starkville, Mississippi. With it being based in my college town, I had to listen to it. Also, I go on a kick of podcasts then I give up. Of course, it really struck my interest because I had just finished S— Town. Sadly, I had to wait 3 months for the release of the podcast. Also, I was drawn into the video production ads for a podcast.

Growing up, I shocked the kids who watched horror movies. Even they were scared that I watched America’s Most Wanted and 48 Hours from 4th grade on. I had a strange interest in these types of stories. Now, after spending 5 years in Starkville, I had an interest in this podcast. I had never heard of this story until I saw the ads. I know it must be painful and this podcast gave me an eerie feeling about the town where my parents talked getting Restaurant Tyler when they visited me, every college kid eats way too much pizza from Dave’s and Bin cheese fries during late night, and there is no greater feeling than seeing a sea of maroon at a game.

However, it was released on the exact day that Jason B. Jones the creator of Knock Knock lost his grandma so I could understand the wait. Growing up it was a taboo subject for this to be mentioned in Jones home. I feel as though more people need to listen to this podcast to give answers, which is why I am glad he is finally talking about it. My hope is that this podcast can give clarity to both families.

Jones does a phenomenal job of explaining the experience. It’s almost like someone reading a Hemingway or Steinbeck novel to you. The words draw you in where it changes how you think about the world. The narrative reminded me before I had my own cell phone, it made me think about my mom telling me not to be nosey over the landline phone.

This leads me to say no other podcast has had this type of sound editing. It makes you think of your childhood, but the narrative to me is one that is in S-Town. Also, Jones is trying to change something about his case. He wants to give it a digital footprint where people can learn more about the murders of Betty Jones and Kathryn Crigler.

The first episode was mainly about Jones finding out about the case as a young boy. However, I am for sure that future episodes will cover more in depth interviews and news coverage. So far the pre-production diaries and the first episode has been released so it will be easy to catch up for now.

The podcast can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. However, just dive in and learn more about Knock Knock yourself.