Going Scared: A book review of “Imperfect Courage”

So it’s Sunday Night when I don’t normally post blogs, but life happens. On top of this book review, I’m finishing up this week’s meal prep. Today has been great because I cannot get over how my church played “Angel From Montgomery,” I had brunch at Edgehill Cafe with my friend Margaret, and I helped my hair stylist paint her new salon.


So I wanted to share with you a good book to read, Imperfect Courage by Jessica Honegger. For the past few months, I’ve been a member of the Imperfect Courage Book Tribe, which allowed me to obtain an early release copy of the book. However, tomorrow morning the book will be released.

Jessica Honegger is the Founder of Noonday Collection, an ethically sourced jewelry company, and she is the host of a podcast called Going Scared. I highly recommend everyone subscribing to her podcast because it is great for motivation if you want to maintain purpose while working. I’m not a mom, but I’ve been on a big self-help book kick where I have admired all of Brene Brown’s words. Also Brene Brown has endorsed “Imperfect Courage,” which makes me want to believe the first-time author will write another book of wisdom.

This was a relatively an easy read where every page I was pointing at the book saying, “that is so true and yes I’ve been there.” One of them is how we often make up lies about someone like they must be so perfect so they are mean. Jessica explains this when she introduced herself to a stay-at-home mom at her kids’ school that was involved in everything.

Jessica tells her to embrace the ‘sisterhood effect,’ which is pure magic. It allows you to collaborate and support others. I love the three points she makes in the chapter ‘Create Compassion Spaces.’

  • We compare instead of collaborate with each other
  • We judge instead of empathize with each other
  • We stand by instead of fight for each other

I feel as though that is the best excerpt from the book I can share. However, Jessica often goes by the saying “Going Scared” meaning just do it anyway with imperfect courage. It’s how she built her jewelry line, which she had in mind to fund the adoption of her son. When tasked with a problem, we don’t see how the solution that sets off a chain reaction toward other things. It is amazing how one simple attitude can change other’s lives.

For the future: I hope everyone makes it fabulous. You at least consider reading “Imperfect Courage.” I also hope I can obtain a pre-launch copy for another book launch. Geez, it was so fun being apart of the process.