What I tried lately

My sister often jokes that my bathroom cabinets are full of neat products to try. I just can’t help myself when following my e-newsletters of new products and finding goods at Nordstrom Rack. However, Madeline, I hope that you loved me bringing the Urban Decay Bubble Mask to use on the nights before your wedding day. Marie Kondo (I know cliche) has helped me learn to simplify, but I did cave in a little bit. With a birthday discount code from Tarte, trying to find products for the cold weather, and a new release sample, I just could not help myself.


Clary Travel Bath + Body Oil– My hair stylist has kept Clary Collection at her salon, The Green House. I have wanted to try it considering that she swears by it. One of the founders is Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys wife, so I wanted to try it. I give it 4/5 stars. The downfall is that it is oil based so it’s only used after taking a shower or bath. However, the stupid dry patch of skin of my right arm has gone away since using it. It does take a while for it to transfer fully to your skin though. However, it is great for when the colder weather makes your skin look bad.

Trader Joe’s Rich Hydrating Sheet Mask– After much frustration at the cost of sheet masks, I decided to give this a try since it was only $2 for one package. I can say that now my frustration is having to circle the Trader Joe’s parking lot in a time frame of 6 songs instead of the cost of face masks. I did not try Trader Joe’s until last spring, but I’m obsessed. So each time, I’m at Trader Joe’s I will get a box of them. This is a gem if you have desert dry skin like me. When Nashville had random temperature drops, this provided relief because I dreaded walking to my car with the wind blasting on my face. Sadly, this is not available for purchase online. So I will say a prayer for you when battling the lot.

Tarte’s Rain Forest of the Sea Deep Sea Collagen Super Serum– That’s quite the name, now say it 3 times fast. Tarte’s Mermaid Skin is a gift from God and I swear by it. However, it only provides hydration. However, this is the answered prayer for your skin to feel plumped and rejuvenated. It just makes your skin feel natural and not oily or your rubbed something on it. This transfers well where the serum doesn’t feel like it’s just sitting on your skin.

Living Proof’s Triple Detox Shampoo– I signed up to receive a sample of this product before it was released. Well, I had waited a month and it arrived at my door. It’s already in stores now, but don’t flock or worry about getting this at all. I learned that Living Proof’s Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo provides the best volume for blondes. Just one use lasts for days. Y’all, I get mad when each can gets empty. However, as for this product, I may be okay with not seeing it again. I give it 2/5 stars, but only because it’s a level above drug store shampoo. It comes with a ph stick to check the water, w I have hard water. When shampooing my hair, this did not lather well.  It messed up the way my hair styled. I style my hair with a huge round brush and a blowdryer. I did everything like before, but my hair went the exact opposite way and I’ve had to part my hair differently. Immediately after I dried my hair, I jumped back in the shower to use my regular shampoo, but my hair still feels weird because of this.

However, here’s a trick for a real hair detox: Ladies, I’m glad no money was lost, but I prefer a shower beer. Yes, when my hair has been excessively oily, I wash my hair with my regular shampoo and beer. Between each lather I will pour the beer on my hair. This is great when you live off of dry shampoo. I would recommend that you take the beer out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before washing your hair so it’s not cold.