Stories that Stick Review

There were stories in this book that certainly stuck for sure. Kindra Hall breaks everything down into a condensed format.  This book was read over a short time span of 5 hours. If I were a marketing teacher, I would highly consider making this part of my classroom material. However, this is a must for any creative who feels as though they are in a lag.


As someone who has had marketing roles, it is often a challenge to be a “story collector,” but it’s a vital part of storytelling. I loved how Kindra told a story about how she asked questions to get better answers. This is important because sometimes you’re not going to tell your story, but the story of others.

Even though research was used for this book, the content was written where it was easy for the reader. The statistics flowed into the story that Kindra was telling.

Kindra mentioned the Apple holiday commercial of the kid that made the slideshow after being on his phone the whole time. I thought this was quite interesting because it was a story with a twist. However, I wish Apple would have done the same in the AirPods commercials. It took me two years, to learn that when you take out an AirPod, it pauses the music. What’s the story of everyone’s life when they go to the gym and they run into everyone and they have to pull out their earphones? The music keeps going. Apple didn’t communicate a good enough situation for the need for the AirPods. Even though this was shown for a brief second in the 2017 commercial with the Marian Hill song “Down” It didn’t fully tell the story for me to say “take my money.”

My favorite part was the top four reasons why the founder’s story is often not told. The big one was how we often feel as though it was repeated. This is quite a common one considering that I feel slightly the same way when I introduce myself and I forget to tell people that I’m a triplet. Yes, a founder’s story is quite different from a fact, but it’s quite similar.

*Reviewer received an advanced copy of the book by the publisher Harper Collins