Em’s Favorite Things

Okay, so this is a knock-off of “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” However, I have gotten gifts where I’m like I didn’t even know I needed that. At Christmas time, you might be a little bit clueless as to what you want on your Christmas List. If you are a guy, I can guarantee that your mother, sister or significant other might like one of these gifts.

Simple Human Sensor Light– This is the best thing for my morning routine. Makeup bloggers rave over their light mirrors, but the reason why I like the sensor mirror is that I do not have to deal with touching a button or a cord after handling my make up. It takes about 4 hours to charge and it lasts about two weeks to a month depending on your daily use. Ladies, you will have no problem tweezing your eyebrows with the magnification. The strangest use that this helped me with was video presentations in grad school. I would place it on two textbooks behind my MacBook then I would place a post-it over the sensor. I saw a commercial where YouTube blogger had a behind-the-scenes shot with a halo light and I thought, “Okay I bet this mirror could help the webcam quality.” Needless to say, it improved the video quality and it helped my eyes pop.


Sunbeam Velour Electric Blanket– After my family went to Hawaii for Christmas, I thought I had everything. However, my mother still had one present under the tree after we arrived back home, this electric blanket. The rest of the Christmas break involved me watching 30 Rock with this blanket. She got me the velour texture, which is amazing. I have had it for the past 4 years and it works great. I will set the temperature all the way up about an hour before bed, then I will unplug it to prevent me from sweating throughout the night or throwing off the covers. This helps me fall asleep. This is perfect for when it starts to get cold and snow days. WARNING: it does cause excessive Netflix and chilling. Maybe not chilling since it makes you warm.

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler. Oh, how I love this thing. If grilled cheeses are your favorite then you need this. Plus, this is a game changer for Taco Tuesday. The secret to happiness in life is throwing a taco in the panini maker (yes I did this on taco day at the Delta Gamma House). However, you will never want to go to Taco Bell for a quesadilla after owning one of these things. This thing comes with options for either grilling meats or a panini press. Plus, you can grill meats on this thing. Also, the plates are removable where they can go in the dishwasher. That includes the waffle iron plates, which waffle irons are the hardest things to clean so consider that a bonus.


Free People Thermals– Each year, I love seeing what new colors or styles they release. However, I swear these things wash so well. The first one, I got seven years ago in college because of a cold front going through Mississippi. Well, I still have that thermal in my closet along with others to my collection.

Five Daughter’s Bakery– Instead of a birthday cake, I gave my mom a box of donuts for her birthday although these are more like a cake than a donut. If time allows, I am going to bring a box home to my family for the holidays. Reese Witherspoon has posted pictures of this place on her IG feed, so I blame her for this addiction. Trust me you will want to try all of the flavors, but you can probably eat around one and a half of these donuts. (Oprah does include one food item on her list.)

Rusk Straightener– I had to retire one this year…, but it made it to 7 years. It is great and I curl my hair with it to give me waves or straight hair. Plus it is sturdy. It handles the craziness of traveling. If you are lucky, you can occasionally find this model at TJ Maxx.

Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots– I will never forget six years ago when I got my first pair. In fact, I still have it. These boots could survive anything. Yes, I have had to use the condition and polish to the shoes, but these look new. Plus, I love how they can make any outfit feel structured. These go well with the next item.

Cole Haan Signature Asymmetrical Walker Coat– If there’s one thing I love, it is a classic coat that puts together an outfit. Ladies, I found this at the Brentwood Nordstrom Rack where the price was lower than what is listed at Macy’s. So you might want to go there first. I’m cold most of the time, so in the winter I feel as though the coats are apart of my outfit. This is why I love coats so much. I feel chic walking around in this coat while staying warm. Even though the color is bordeaux, I would like to call it maroon. The only problem is that I seriously wish I had this coat in undergraduate at Mississippi State for cheering on my dawgs at football games. I know it’s obvious I miss my alma mater, but if you do choose a color for a peacoat, make sure it is something that goes with your wardrobe.

Skinny Hangers– Okay this sounds goofy, but I mean this is an investment for space and your wardrobe. Once again, I’m the silly person who stocks up on make-up as a Christmas present. However, I am giving you the gift of additional closet space this Christmas along with no punctured shoulders due to plastic hangers.

Kendra Scott Phara Necklace– This was my Christmas present last year. I got it after realizing I usually grab the same 3 necklaces all the time, but I needed a change. What I like most about the Phara is that it is so versatile. You can make it into a choker or you can simply tie it. It can be changed easily. My favorite way to wear it is wrapping it around my neck like a choker, and then tieing it midway loosely where it is not in a knot. Go ahead scroll throw my IG feed and make fun of me for how many times I wore this thing in 2017. I’m still going to wear it in 2018.


If you were clueless, I hope that I helped you. Most of these are gifts that I have received in the past.

Holiday Sale Secrets

First of all this blog is dedicated to Brittany Sims. I keep updating her on when sales are and she has encouraged me to maintain a sales blog. While I don’t see myself blogging about sales all of the time, I think I should reveal my secrets for the upcoming Christmas season. If there’s one thing I love it is saving money, but also I want to help people learn to crack the code. Also, this helps me avoid impulse buys.



My friend Brittany and me with my Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Double Zipped Satchel, which was a holiday sale find. I knew this photo was fitting even though it was from a little over a year ago and the logo on the bag isn’t showing. (Yeah I know low-quality photo, but high-quality friendship).


So here’s a little bit of how I plan out my Christmas shopping. However, it is also a team effort between my mother and sister this helps us obtain more. I buy mostly everything online because you will not see me fighting sleep, traffic, nor people.

The first winter sale begins this weekend. Around the first week of November, I focus on cosmetics at Sephora. Since I am a VIB Rouge member, I receive a 20% discount from Sephora. To meet the spending criteria, my sister and I will pick out cosmetics and hair care products but also we will stock up for the upcoming year. I will keep an inventory of what I use and what I need. Sometimes I order it online, but I go to the store to get my cosmetics. I really like the looks of this Tarte Limited Edition Treasure Box Collector’s Edition Palette.  The shade souvenir looks beautiful and I use a thin brush to apply eyeshadow like eyeliner when I have to out at night. This gives a burst of color that makes my eyes pop, but I also don’t have to put a lot of effort into taking off eyeliner at night.

So the week of Thanksgiving is Tory Burch. This particular sale seems to start earlier and earlier, but keep an eye on the products you want and set them aside in the online shopping cart. However, the more you spend the more discounts you get. My mother and sister choose jewelry and handbags then create the order in my shopping bag. Sometimes, Tory Burch will give you gift cards depending on how much you have spent in the past, which is even more helpful. I know you can eyeroll her stuff comes at a pretty penny, but I just retired my first pair of Tory Burch Minnie Ballet Flats that I wore on campus and work. They were 5 years old. I pretty much grab these shoes everytime I have to dress up. I remember it taking me almost 6 years to get an everyday Tory Burch handbag in my hands. Yes, I love designer clothes, but I did not know how to crack the code. For the past two Christmases, I have gotten Tory Burch bags for around half the price. Not bad considering I carry the bag everyday for a year and I will dig it out of my closet to carry again.

Macy’s has been my choice for kitchen appliances for Black Friday deals. However, I compared prices to other retailers and Macy’s has failed me. It looks like Amazon might be the retailer to go to for sales considering they started Black Friday deals for the month of October. This year my eyes are on the Instant Pot, which is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, and food warmer. I need all of the counter and cabinet space that I can get. Plus, I can make french dips, which I love ordering at a deli.

Now as for clothing it varies. Usually, I do an inventory of my closet beforehand to make sure I get something that I need and not something I have. This season is crazy considering there’s not a piece of clothing I have my eyes on. I’m still trying to find a rain jacket that looks professional and I’m not rushing it trying to find the perfect piece. J. Crew is my favorite store for business clothes.  Plus, it is a great time to get slacks that you can wear all year round to work. Nordstrom is another store that I rely on for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales for boots. I really try to focus on what I will wear to work when I buy clothes. Last year, I made some purchases online for sales of 20% off at both Kendra Scott and Anthropologie. However, this year clothing does not apply in my sales strategy.

I know my style, budget, and needs are different from everyone else so here’s what you can do. With the exception of the Sephora sale, most holiday sales will not kick in until the Monday before Thanksgiving. So here is what to remember:

  1. Scroll through your favorite websites and select items to be added to your cart.
  2. Go through your closet and realize what you might need.
  3. Keep a record of the discount codes or coupons.
  4. If shopping for clothes, know your size. Also, it helps to get out a measuring tape to see how big a handbag could be.
  5. Tag team with a family member if you see a deal that says buy this much and save this percent.
  6. Take action when you see the deal.

Stranger Thoughts

I have held back on posting quotes from the recent season of Stranger Things on my social media channels because I know people have had activities this weekend. I wanted to redirect the conversation about Stranger Things to my blog instead of my social media channels. Recently so many websites give spoilers with the headlines that make one question the fate of the show or it mentions even one trivial thing. However, I just want to see everyone’s thoughts in the comments thread on my blog only so we don’t spoil anything for others.

On a side note Target has tons of Stranger Things Merchandise, such as a card game, Monopoly, and Ouija board. Hint: I really want the card game for Christmas. I believe it is popular due to the fact that it just shows everyone’s nerdy side and nostalgia. One of my classmates from high school claimed she would burn down the place if she saw a spoiler. We do not want arson charges so don’t scroll down unless you have seen it. This is the last reminder that if you haven’t seen the show stop reading below this line.


New Character Vibes- When I took a creative practicum class in college, I had a  teacher explain that when a character leaves it is like an organ transplant. You have to find the similar character with the same traits to keep it going. Well even though 11 is still on the show, she doesn’t really communicate until the end with her guy friends. So I feel as though Max was used to serve as the girl the group. However, I believe that in the next season conflict will arise between the girls even though they are perfect together.

We see more of other family members besides. I thought it was funny with Dustin’s mom and Mews (the Barb of this season), but the best secondary character was without a doubt is Erica. Lucas’ sassy little sister who had the cutest comeback lines. However, Holly Wheeler still hasn’t said a word yet.

Nancy and Steve, you have improved- On “The OC,” I hated Summer Roberts in the beginning, but she became a better person. The same applies to Nancy and Steve. In my eyes, I still slightly cannot forgive her by how she treated Barb. Nancy does a good job showing grief over Barb’s death, which it’s quite evident at the house party.  I actually sympathized with Nancy, but I’m glad she at least had a little flame with Jonathon. I was glad when she offered him to go to the party with the line, “You will be listening to the Talking Heads and reading Vonnegut.” I am glad she worked with Jonathon to help the reporter bring down the lab. That’s what good journalism does.

Steve was actually nice, but I still think of him as the mean guy. Yeah, he did clean the “Nancy the Slut” signs in season 1, but he just still isn’t my favorite.  I was shocked when he befriended Dustin where he eventually gave him advice that made his hair look like Ducky on “Pretty in Pink.” I believe in the next season it might be hard for Steve to show he hangs out with the geeks. There’s no way he would let the school know he’s playing a campaign in the Wheeler’s basement. However, the train tracks scene between Dustin and him was awesome.

Rules to live by- If I have kids I will tell them Hopper’s “We are not stupid rules” which are “blinds pulled, don’t answer the door, and don’t leave without me because we are not stupid.” Please if you have a kid I dare you to do this. My dad really emphasized about how people can see your activity with the blinds up when I was young and specifically when I went off to college so I really related to it. However, think about it is good to explain safety to a little kid.

If I ever teach I will show Jonathon’s freak speech. Yes, it’s okay if you are a little misunderstood because I thought by now people would know about the band Dawes. Jonathon made a good point when he said, “Who would you rather have as your friend Bowie or Kenny Rogers?”  I had to pause for a moment on that question. Even though Kenny Rogers donated money for a center that provides free therapy for kids in my hometown, but I related more to Bowie. Also, I considered going as Bowie with the lightning bolt make up for Halloween, but I chose Eleven. However, that speech showed how Jonathon is wise for guidance beyond introducing his brother to a daring band called, The Clash.


Screenshot 2017-10-30 23.09.17

I may have looked like the Ghostbusters Costume scene posing like Eleven.

Similar Bad Boy- However, geez Billy is scum. He is truly like Troy on the Goonies, reckless in his hot rod car. I mean Troy almost killed Brand with the bike just like Billy wanting to hit the boys “just because.” Please tell me, I’m not the only one who thinks he looks like Rob Lowe before “Tommy Boy,” but more specifically he reminds me of another Billy on “St. Elmo’s Fire” and Sodapop Curtis on “The Outsiders.” The hair mixed with the jawline and eyes makes him look like Rob Lowe in the 80s. He seemed to replace Steve’s awful character traits and on the aftershow, The Duffer Brothers mentioned they wrote Billy in because of Steve’s change of character. However, I don’t see this evil guy changing.

Eleven- She has had so much to learn, but she still has a lot more. Her communication is more verbal. She had to learn more than how to sweep the floor of Hopper’s cabin because she learned a lot about her past. Eleven made some dangerous journeys by herself to find shelter, her mother, and lab sister. However, Eleven found the place she belonged. I feel as though Eleven in the pink dress is so distant when we saw her with the Warriors meets Suicide Squad type crew.  I was glad that she was taught her anger, but geez I was glad she ran away from the creeps.  However, I just felt as though when she found her lab sister, it was almost like it escaped to a different series where I did not like the feel. Also, it was hard considering that she did not communicate have one conversation with the boys until episode 8. My fear for next season is that she is still learning to use her powers, will she use them for good or use them for bad?

What about Barb? She’s gone, but not forgotten. She made an appearance in the memorial photos. The status is not only is she dead, but her death made headlines from the controversy of the Hawkins Lab. However, it killed me when the parents believed she was alive and it terrorized Nancy.

What about Bob? Geez, Bob is a goober. I loved The Goonies and Sean Astin was awesome in 50 First Dates, but this one I was like you have strange quirks. Joyce could do way better. At least he wasn’t like Billy’s dad, but he was quirky I mean forgetting the gun at the control center. I had a feeling Sean Astin would just be a character for a brief moment for the purpose of nostalgia. The demodogs totally attacked Bob like walkers on The Walking Dead while Joyce just screamed no.

Dustin is totally Chunk-  I’m referring to a character in The Goonies. When the pollywog came into play I thought darn we have some Harry Potter vibes here because there’s some sort of mythical creature Dustin is just amazed at and tries to find what species it is. Except darn Dustin is almost like a naive Hagrid the whole time until the Demogorgon ate the cat. However, even in the last episode, he believes that a Three Musketeer can solve a lot of problems like Chunk to Sloth with the Baby Ruth. I love they incorporated the ghost trap, but Dustin also had a lot of ETs around the room.

It’s like Lost– Good God with the episode “Dig Dug” it turned into an episode of Lost with medical emergencies, flashbacks, and the repetition of something. “Breathe, sunflower, rainbow, 450, three to the right, four to the left, breathe” is to Stranger Things as “4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42” is to Lost. At the final episode when Will has the monster emerge from him, it totally reminded me of the smoke monster. Also, there were so many parts where I felt like a psychology/ethics lesson. Eleven basically had a similar experience to the Milgram’s study when was given the choice to kill Ray from the lab where it reminded me of many situations in Lost. Sorry, I had to mention this, but you have to remember my family watched Lost together when I was in high school.

Netflix better release Stranger Things on Halloween every year- Considering that Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix had a scarce selection of horror movies we need something to creep us out around Halloween. For now, I would highly recommend the after show, Beyond Stranger Things, especially if you like behind the scenes features such as special effects, costumes, and character development. I’m still watching it, but it is something good to have one while going through emails or paying bills, etc. However, I feel as though Beyond Stranger Things is too long for most people to watch.

Literature In A Hurry

There are times in our lives we have to look back and say, “In a way, I don’t blame myself for giving up an activity, but it could have helped me.” I’ve heard it many times from artists and musicians. Yet you have probably asked someone why did they take a break from such a wonderful gift. The past year has been quite evident of that with my blog.

Here’s a little round-up of what I have done since I blogged like a crazy person.

  • I began a quest to move to Nashville. That was a success.
  • I landed a job in the health communication. That was a success.
  • I finished my master’s degree, which was also a success.
  • Also, I planned tons of gatherings with my two favorite childhood friends at home. It was a success considering I live far from them now.
  • My blogging life…oh that was a complete dumpster fire. That falls into the category of “I wish I could have worked on it and it could have helped me.”

literature in a hurryFor every success, you have some flaws. For me, that was staying on schedule with my blog that I had neglected. I also wanted to change my blog name. It took me forever to come up with a new name, which came from one of my favorite movies. However, the name depicts my life as a young college student, a graduate student, a young life-long learner, and whatever stage in life I am. However, this name is a reminder that no matter how fast my life is I always have a story to tell.

My purpose is to be a storyteller whether it is through my blog, pr, digital drawings, photography, and my daily life. I have been blogging on and off, tentatively, or whatever you would like to call it since 2010 when I was a freshman in college. Yet I have friends tell me “you need to blog more” or “you depicted Mississippi State so well in the BuzzFeed list and you could blog about anything.” It’s good to have encouragement, but things must happen on it’s own time. However, a break allows you to regroup and most importantly focus on what matters to you. So even though I’m starting back up, I know I might stop. I know I need to show off my talents.

There are many categories of blogs, but I’m going to be the crazy person all over with different topics from product reviews to thought-based blogs. Plus, it’s obvious I love food so there will be blogs about restaurants and my own recipes. I’m not hiring a photographer for this blog unless a friend wants to take good pictures of me or I hand off the phone for a snapshot. It will reflect my life in a hurry and it shows a real glimpse into my life. Plus, there are blogs that make people feel bad, which serves as a reminder that they cannot afford 5 Vince sweaters, have enough designer purses, or they are not living the right life. I just want people to read my blog and think, “Yes, that’s what I’m going through” or “Oh I needed to hear that.”

I’m going to be honest and say most of my wardrobe is from TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Target, or sales. There’s nothing wrong with that because it shows I am creative with my resources. I think I dress pretty good although I get to that point where I’m like “People probably think my black tassel earrings from Valerie Ochs that I got at the Old Orchard Barn Sale in Sikeston are the only earrings I own.” Seriously, I’m going to miss going to the sale this weekend and that’s one of the few downsides of living away from home. However, I have tried other earrings with tassels, but these are so light.


Pictured with my Valerie Ochs earrings. I’m surprised my hat didn’t go into the Cumberland River because of the wind during this shot.

Now on my Instagram posts, I have made posts that should have been blog posts. Accessing my website isn’t as fast as posting something on IG. So I am going to include the hashtag #LiteratureInAHurry on some of the posts. Plus, it’s fitting because I had to share my feelings about going to Becca Steven’s “Love Heals” book signing and the loss of Tom Petty on IG.

When I moved to Nashville I had two weeks where I went to work, to go home what was supposed to be my long awaited haven and I worked on my master’s. My zeal was beyond stupid once I finished that paper. So I drove to treat myself after my last paper, I drove down to 12th South for Five Daughters Bakery. While driving, I thought well this is it. It’s time to not only make an impact in this city I dreamed of moving too, but fulfill my purpose whether it be volunteering or contributing to the field of communication.

On that drive, I told myself I need to write creatively because in high school I did want to major in English.   that was about two months ago and it has taken me this long to get myself back into blogging. Don’t get me wrong I love working in public relations. Plus, I had concentrations in journalism and broadcasting as well in undergraduate. The problem is you often have to leave creativity at the door or it is often forgotten about it. Yes, it has taken me awhile to get started, but here I am. So here’s my shot.

Knock Knock Podcast Review


knock knock

On a side note: It’s obvious that I’m not the biggest influencer. the last time I blogged it was when Christmas trees were everywhere. I’m for sure when you step into a mall in two weeks a Christmas tree will be out. However, I have had a lot happen in the last year including finishing my master’s degree and recently I moved to Nashville. However, I want to write more about the stuff I have been eating, watching, and just what I enjoy. Plus, I want to get the word out about this podcast so hopefully, it will bring answers.

When I began my final semester of graduate school, I saw a Facebook post about Knock Knock podcast, which over the Labor Day murders in Starkville, Mississippi. With it being based in my college town, I had to listen to it. Also, I go on a kick of podcasts then I give up. Of course, it really struck my interest because I had just finished S— Town. Sadly, I had to wait 3 months for the release of the podcast. Also, I was drawn into the video production ads for a podcast.

Growing up, I shocked the kids who watched horror movies. Even they were scared that I watched America’s Most Wanted and 48 Hours from 4th grade on. I had a strange interest in these types of stories. Now, after spending 5 years in Starkville, I had an interest in this podcast. I had never heard of this story until I saw the ads. I know it must be painful and this podcast gave me an eerie feeling about the town where my parents talked getting Restaurant Tyler when they visited me, every college kid eats way too much pizza from Dave’s and Bin cheese fries during late night, and there is no greater feeling than seeing a sea of maroon at a game.

However, it was released on the exact day that Jason B. Jones the creator of Knock Knock lost his grandma so I could understand the wait. Growing up it was a taboo subject for this to be mentioned in Jones home. I feel as though more people need to listen to this podcast to give answers, which is why I am glad he is finally talking about it. My hope is that this podcast can give clarity to both families.

Jones does a phenomenal job of explaining the experience. It’s almost like someone reading a Hemingway or Steinbeck novel to you. The words draw you in where it changes how you think about the world. The narrative reminded me before I had my own cell phone, it made me think about my mom telling me not to be nosey over the landline phone.

This leads me to say no other podcast has had this type of sound editing. It makes you think of your childhood, but the narrative to me is one that is in S-Town. Also, Jones is trying to change something about his case. He wants to give it a digital footprint where people can learn more about the murders of Betty Jones and Kathryn Crigler.

The first episode was mainly about Jones finding out about the case as a young boy. However, I am for sure that future episodes will cover more in depth interviews and news coverage. So far the pre-production diaries and the first episode has been released so it will be easy to catch up for now.

The podcast can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. However, just dive in and learn more about Knock Knock yourself.

The Holidays can be sad: An explanation of HSAD


Okay there I said it, the Holidays can be sad. However, I know I am not the only person who has felt this way at some time. From the mom icing 70 cookies for her kid’s youth group to the college student trying to recoup from a semester at college, we all have suffered from HSAD, Holiday Seasonal Affective Disorder, in some way. If it’s not the to-do list, it’s feeling rushed around this time of year with the struggle of wrapping up work, Christmas parties, getting gifts together, where crazy traffic comes out of nowhere and tracking packages. No matter how happy you are HSAD can happen to you.

HSAD begins when Christmas trees are placed in stores before kids knock on doors to say “trick or treat” to the neighbors, but HSAD escalates closer to the 25th of December. As I get older, I look back a reminisce how I won’t get to relive my childhood where I was blessed to receive everything from the Barbie Dream House and American Girl Dolls complete with the outfits. Later, I realize that I know some kids during my childhood didn’t have that blessing in their childhood even the comfort of a house with appropriate heating. At this time of year, we need to focus on we are blessed, but sometimes thinking about our blessings make us think of places and times of our lives that we can’t go back to. Even in 2016, sadly there are tons of children and adults who don’t have the simple blessings that I have and we just need to take it for granted.  These blessings are a reminder that trying to find gifts that match everyone’s personality and a budget is not the important things this time of year.

It’s not the material goods around this time of year, that is getting to me it’s the ones I love.  While planning I often think of the smell of Palmolive dishwater, then the feeling of a dish rag that has a pattern from the 70s and the texture of pots and pans because I usually get the job as a dryer because my grandpa immediately washes the dishes after everyone eats Christmas dinner. I don’t know if I cognitively think of this because my grandparent’s house played a major role in Christmases as a child.

There’s song by the band Dawes called “A Little Bit of Everything” that really reminds me of times during the holiday season. However, there have been two times when a family member has said the words “A little bit of everything.” I wanted to cry when they said those words. If you have heard that song, I feel as though anyone could make their own verse for that song.

You know that your childhood is gone. It’s the mystery of life when you were young and you made a circle over everything on a page in the JC Penney Christmas Catalog. It’s also how a snow day isn’t as magical because you didn’t think of it making your clothes and hair wet after being out in the cold. There’s the family I have loved, lost and I want to hold onto more. Especially when you have family members who are only in town for 48 hours and you have to try to see everyone in that time frame. There’s no way a marathon of The OC can be fit in like my sister and I did around Christmas a decade before.

It’s quite obvious that this is a universal suffering, but hey it will be okay. No matter who we are we just need to pause and enjoy moments. We need to try to forget the rush that occurs. With me, I have to remind myself to play the Michael Buble and My Morning Jacket Christmas albums on repeat to feel more in the spirit. Living in the moment makes it more ideal. However, HSAD should never conquer the joys of the world that are occurring.

Dawes, a modern day classic rock band

I would have never imagined in my life that I would say my all-time favorite band rhymes with my last name until I heard Dawes’ song “A Little Bit of Everything” driving through Mississippi State’s campus. Sometimes, I will use it as a description as how to spell my last name. I still feel that love for this band this week as their album “We’re All Gonna Die” is going to  be released. “Roll with the punches” seriously reminds me of Crosby, Stills and Nash in the chorus, but the rest of the song is like a good classic rock song.  When I heard NPR was premiering the album, I was the happiest person on earth. Also I’m not afraid to say I listened to songs from that album for literally the next 5 hours for work. Personally, this album was much more upbeat than their previous album “All Your Favorite Bands.”

Retrieved from Consequence of Sound

Retrieved from Consequence of Sound

The guitar intro to “One of Us,” just had me dancing in chair. However, I realized the song could have possibly been written for the love interest of the frontman Taylor Goldsmith, Mandy Moore. Yes, I’m referring to Lana on The Princess Diaries. She even makes an appearance in the music video for “When The Tequila Runs Out.” I love listening to music on planes, however, “We’re All Gonna Die” is not going to make the cut for my next playlist while flying because of the song’s meaning. I just hope that my Pilates teacher plays this album on repeat.
My biggest fear for this album is that some rapper will sample “When The Tequila Runs Out” or Luke Bryan  covers it. It’s just that good and I don’t want to see it destroyed. While on a road trip my brother and I mentioned how we could see The Eagles writing a song like this about a house party with the riff and the lyrics that gets everyone singing with the exception of mentioning Thriller. Sadly, I am long overdue for a Dawes concert, but I must say I proudly have the set list from a concert. “Roll Tide” sounds like a song bars in college towns will play on game day weekends when they play the University of Alabama. SEC schools need to take note on this one with the lyrics, “You better tell him best of luck man, Roll Tide.” It is about a guy stating his affection to a girl and wishing she wasn’t with her man from Birmingham. See it’s a good opposition song.

I have always loved Taylor Goldsmith’s songwriting abilities. It’s like a poet or a true storyteller that my generation has been lacking in the midst of the literature my generation has with Twilight and The 50 Shades of Gray series. Taylor’s brother Griff also known “Young Santa” plays drums and he often dances on a video series called #BeatsOnInstagram. Former keyboardist Tay Strathairn left the band and was replaced by Lee Pardini. However, the piano in this album is the most intriguing in “As If By Design,” which makes you want to go to a beach to read Hemingway. To me this is the most musically talented album by the band.

In a few days, on September 16 it will be released. I’ve pre-ordered the album on August 17, when it came out. If you don’t buy the album, which I’m begging you too. Just listen to them on Spotify, if it’s released on Amazon Prime add it to your library and buy concert tickets to see them.

Janet Gwen MacBook Case

It is quite obvious that I am on my laptop more than the average bear with grad school and my freelance job. So that’s why I consider a laptop case as an office supply to make work more fun. However, I like to buy things that are good quality.  When I had to make an emergency purchase for a new laptop because it was dying, I was so disappointed in the cases that were at the Apple Store. Not only were there no patterns available, but the quality of the cases available were not compariable to my old one. I bought a clear speck case to at least give protection. Fast forward a year and not only did the bottom break, but the top did too.


Upset by the options that were available at Best Buy and Apple, I opted to look for options on Etsy. One of the first cases that I found on Etsy was created by Janet Gwen Designs. I looked at other options, but I knew I had found my case. Of course, I looked through reviews, but I swear Janet’s products are just so beautiful. After I placed my order, I received a message from her store asking for my model number to make sure the case fit my MacBook.  Around four short days later, I recieved the package. I was so impressed by Janet’s crew because I had a hand written thank you note. It was really sweet and it added an extra touch. However, I decided to give myself a week to review the product.

The first thing I noticed beside the cute design, was the case was really sturdy and it was thick. However, at first it was a challenge to put on the bottom. I think all cases are like that. Just remember for the top and bottom to put the part closest to the hinge on first to make sure it snaps on securely. It stays on there quite well. I chose the option for the keyboard cover, but after  using it, it felt weird. That’s just my own personal opinion. I’m going to use the cover when I have a latte and food at my computer to prevent a disaster. Two dollars for a keyboard cover is pretty good.

The bottom of the case is gold and the edges around the top are gold. My case and keyboard cover costs around $68 without shipping. That’s about $20 more than the keyboard cases out there. However, I think the pricing is fair because Janet hand paints all of the cases along with owning her small business. I know that in the future, I will own a marble iPad case.

There’s countless ways you can personalize the case you can get gold corners, a cut out for the Apple Logo and even monograms. I was impressed by the black marble collection too. Janet Huang’s art abilities are just amazing. However, my case is really good quality and if it lasts at least two years, I will be excited.  You can also check out Janet’s Website, which is fairly new and you can purchase her items on it too. Overall I give it 5 stars. I’m just happy that I have a cute case to look at while working.